This Sunday: Sephardic Fest Video Shoot (Casting Now)

The Sephardic Music Festival in collaboration with ISRAMERICA will be filming a short video for the upcoming festival this December. Casting: a diverse mix of people with Semitic backgrounds. Participants do not have to be actors but should have a sense of being in front of a camera. You will be filmed while talking about an actual event that occurred in your life that connects to your ethnic, Sephardic, Mizrachi roots. Your story should start with the line: “I remember when”. Looking for stories of middle eastern upbringing, family traditions from Morocco, Persia, Tunisia, Yemen, Israel and other countries.

To apply, please send an email with your headshot or picture and resume and/or short story to (subject line “diverse”)

Filming will take place this Sunday (SEPTEMBER 25th) at 1pm sharp.

Production: Erez Safar
Direction: Dan Altuz
Casting: Sivan Hadari

Looking forward to your submissions!

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