The Jewish Journal features SMF LA!

Attendees should expect the eclectic at the 11th annual Sephardic Music Festival (SMF), which this month comes to Los Angeles for a second consecutive year. The event will feature music from across the traditionally Sephardic terrain, as well as a multimedia candlelighting event, an eight-minute Chanukah mix-tape and … a klezmer musician?

“I know, that’s going to sound like kryptonite for a Sephardic festival,” said Erez Safar, the festival’s producer and founder. “But I’ve always wanted to work with [the band] Klezmer Juice, and they don’t typically get booked at a Sephardic festival. They’ll be performing under the name Electrik Sabra Sefarad. I’m really excited about it.”

And if you think Safar is excited, the energy of Klezmer Juice/Electrik Sabra Sefarad’s Gustavo Bulgach practically blasts through the phone as he recounts his wish to “get everybody to dance and to groove to the rhythms, not sit down and watch us play.”

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