Sephardic Music Festival – Volume 2



Volume 2 of SMF’s fundraiser compilation series brings new infectious tracks ranging from traditional Sephardic folk songs to hip hop, electro, and dance music. Cheb i Sabbah, among the most talented world-music producers, kicks off the compilation with “Im Ninalou” (If the Doors are Locked), a traditional Yemenite song made famous by the late great Ofra Chaza. Israeli club kids Axum blow up the compilation with their energetic “Knowa.” Dunkelbunt remixes Marseille-based Watcha Clan, which mixes Balkan brass and Sephardic folk with Gnawa trance and hip-hop. DeLeon use their distinctive style of rock to transform ancient Sephardic folk music into a sound that is both brand new and centuries old with a Manu Chao-esque groove. Jerusalem native Mor Karbasi chills out the compilation with her beautiful song titled “Arvoles.” The listener can’t help but feel that they are floating along on a carpet as Karbasi sings gently to the accompanying piano. Tel Aviv’s Cohen@Mushon highlights the 90′s golden era hip hop sound. Diwon includes a couple of his own tracks including a Middle Eastern instrumental single and a “Maoz Tzur” holiday-inspired song with an LMFAO feel featuring ex-Hasidic, gay rapper Y-Love and Ladino songstress Sarah Aroeste.

Featuring tracks by Cheb i Sabbah, Watcha Clan, Diwon, Mor Karbasi, Axum and more.

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