The last night was really exciting. I actually went to both of the shows. Since I caught Pshutei Ha’am the night before, I decided that I would catch the opening bands at the Knitting since I missed Asefa at the Scholarship Series and Pharaoh’s Daughter easily one of my favorite bands. Their last record, Haran, struck me as the most amazing world music album I have ever heard. Asefa opened it up with lush Sephardic chanting and melodies. It sounded really great and their polyrhythms made for some interestingly original live music. Y-Love and dj handler were the hosts and took the stage after Asefa, I thought it was weird to have hip hop in a line up of such different musics, but from the second the beat dropped everyone started screaming as Y-Love took the stage. It was great, they performed two songs and shouted out Pharaoh’s Daughter. PD, or as my friend calls em, P Diddy, shook the house up with bag pipes and ouds and upbeat hi energy music from all over the globe. After a few song I had to rush to Brooklyn to make sure to catch Piamenta at South paw. They were already playing as I walked into the club which was full of all sorts of Jews dancing along. Piamenta played songs from all of his albums including 3 hendrix covers. It felt like a special performance because his energy was on a higher level than I had seen in any previous show. He was also calling on special guests throughout the night. It worked well with a special Chanuka and Festival type of show. I didnlt recognize most of the guests, one of them came up and sang some Hendrix and Moni, his son, jumped on stage throughout the night.; Y-Love somehow showed up to South Paw too! Cuz he and handler were called to the stage for an improv. Piamenta laid down some uptempo groove and they semed to mix a bunch of different song verses into the groove because they were going on for a while. It was great. I never thought I would witness a Piamenta crowd raise their hands in the air and scream hip hop hooray!

– Asefa

– Pharaoh’s Daughter


– Piamenta with Y-Love and dj handler

– The Merch Girls

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