Sephardic Music Fest Wants You! (submit your music)

The Sephardic Music Festival will be releasing a compilation album of the best middle eastern music in all genres (dance, traditional, electro, hip hop, folk). The festival is now accepting submissions to be a part of this album which will be used to both introduce the world to new and amazing ‘world musics’ as well as a fun way to raise money for the festival. The 6th annual festival will take place this year over the course of the eight nights of Chanukah (Dec 1st – 9th) and will soon after begin to pop up in cities around the world!

If you, your friend, fiend or neighbor have ridiculously amazing Sephardic style music, send it on over to
The festival will be in touch with more details and to announce who will be chosen for the official SMF CD!

* for those of you unfamiliar with the festival, visit
“Founded by American-Israeli producer, Diwon, The Sephardic Music Festival is an eight night Chanukah celebration which takes place at numerous venues around New York City. The festival showcases the latest Sephardic musical talents from all over the world, including Mizrahi, Yemenite, and Ladino traditions. The SMF highlights the diversity that exists within the Sephardic branch of Jewish culture and history by showcasing today’s Sephardic musical talents in the United States. The evenings range from Middle Eastern parties to educational workshops including, the Sephardic Scholar Series which assembles a panel of ethnomusicologists and performers to discuss the roots of sounds being presented. Other Jewish music festivals have mostly been dominated by Ashkenazic (Eastern European) beats and melodies, whereas the SMF is the first to exclusively focus on Sephardic tunes and culture. Past performers have included Yair Dalal, Ex-Shotei Hanevua, Hadag Nachash, Electro Morocco, Pharaoh’s Daughter, Matisyahu & Diwon.”

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