re-re-cap of last nights SMF

Last night’s Shemspeed/Sephardic Music Festival show was something for the books. To see such a diverse line up of artists and an even more diverse crowd, was great. Eden Mi Qedem set off the night with Sephardic Rock which was a great opener for the Sephardic Psychedelia that Piamenta lunges right into with the crowd right there with him. He called up Avram Pengas to do some classic Israeli tunes which he got the crowd to sing on with him. Right after Piamenta fnished up their set, Rabbi Lein from N. Williamsburg Chabad lit the Chanukia and got the crowd to sing some old school jams which led up to Y-Loveand DeScribe taking the stage along with Yemenite DJ, Diwon. Was seriously amazing to see a semitic hip hop crew who could hold their own and not sound like some cheesy Jewish version of rap music. The crowd danced liek crazy and wouldn’t let them or Kosha Dillz, Ephryme or DJ Balagan leave the stage. We are most definitely going to do a follow up show in February. Thanks to all 500 plus of you who came out. We have two more fesitval shows, so see you there!

Electro Morocco @ Joe’s Pub Saturday night & Miriam Zafri, and Anath @ Drom Sunday eve. for info check the SMF site.

For photos from last night, taken by Nina Safar, go to click on the Sephardic Music Fest Album and see the insanity!

For video, as always, visit

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