New Sephardic Site

A New Sephardic Music Website has just been announced. Check out The site chronicles the first 100 years of commercial Sephardic recordings. It includes survey articles on the 78 and modern eras, a comprehensive discography of Sephardic 78s, and a sample of what a future discography of modern-era recordings could look like. The site has a Union Catalog feature which shows which public institutions owns particular recordings, and the site normalized the songs’ titles so that users can find all versions of any given song. (or so they say 🙂 ) It’s very impressive, they even included information on the labels that published these recordings, the artists that made them, and the stores that sold them. ch-ch-check it out! – and Just in time for the Sephardic Music Festival which kicks off Chanuka Dec 21st through Dec 28th in NYC!!!!

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