LA Weekly’s Events Front Page!

SMFLAWEEKLY222We knew that the Sephardic Music Festival’s schedule would appear in LA Weekly, but had no idea that Erez Safar a.k.a. Diwon, the festivals producer, would be the front page for events section!

Here’s what they wrote: “The way most American’s perceive traditional Jewish culture is defined by the Ashkenazi, who originally immigrated from central and eastern Europe, and to comprise the majority of Jewish immigrants in the United States. By contrast, the Sephardim came from Spain, Portugal, North Africa, The Middle East and Central Asia, and their culture is fairly different from that of their Ashkenazi cousins. Instead of Yiddish they speak Ladino, and instead of bagels, they eat burkes. Rather than klezmer music, Sephardic styles reflect roots in a range of musical traditions found along the Mediterranean. After 9 years in New York, The Sephardic Music Festival kicks off its West Coast debut with Sunday’s Sephardic World Arts Day, which features 9 workshops. Learn everything from olive-curing to jewelry making before catching a performance by James Brown meets Yemenite band, Yemen Blues. The festival features a jam-packed line-up of both established and up and coming performers, including the Ladino songstress Sarah Aroeste.” Full schedule at


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