Electro Morocco Summer in D.C.

Shemspeed’s amazing hipster electro rockers, Electro Morocco and middle east mash up kingpin, DJ Balagan will be headlining the Washitngton DC Jewish Music Festival.

June 10 | 8:00 pm | Station 9 | 1438 U Street NW

WJMF and J-on-Demand present Electro Morocco and DJ Balagan
Station 9

O-LMD-ElectroShemspeed Presents
Electro Morocco and DJ Balagan
8:00 pm | Station 9 | 1438 U Street NW

Electro Morocco is a unique mixture of intricate electro beats and Middle Eastern flavor, with a retro rock and pop edge. Thriving from the pulse of music born in the Middle East, their sound rises, swells and cuts to the core with a dense recipe of swirling otherworldly sound, the powerful persistence of electro-rock rhythm and stiletto-sharp guitar lines. Electro Morocco delivers soul-stomping performances all synced to self-produced video clips. Seasoned musicians Assaf Spector, Roy Gurel, Shlomie Lavie, Taylor Galassi and Yula Beeri mix everything from retro rock to Middle Eastern folk music, to warped electro in a fierce, high-energy performance.

DJ Balagan a.k.a. Sam Hopkins, has been producing his own sample-based dance tracks since 2003, incorporating Sephardic elements among various other ethnic styles.

“The off-beat rhythm, the interplay of tweaked, Oriental-sounding guitars, and the frenzied climaxes call to mind bellydancing music and hard rock.”

Presented in partnership with the 16th Street J’s J-on-Demand program for 21-35 year olds
Community Partner: Shemspeed

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