Dr. Israel to play this year’s Sephardic Music Fest!

In the mid 90’s in the north industrial region of Brooklyn Dr. Israel came to be. Among the legendary dub label Wordsound, the growth of the NYC “illbient” scene, and in close proximity to Bill Laswell’s “Greenpoint Studio” doc began to construct his signature sound. Freshly back form a spiritual Pilgrimage in Jamaica Doc created a unique blend of music. Taking from roots reggae, dub, jungle, punk, and hardcore, doc began fusing musical styles with conscious lyrics, laying the groundwork for his own special blend of revolution. This incredible artist will be doing a special performance at Culture Mash, Shemspeed’s closing party (Dec 8th @ Knitting Factory) for the 6th Annual Sephardic Music Festival!
Find out more at sephardicmusicfestival.com/ny

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