Closing Night Party Photos and Next Year’s Festival in NY & LA

The next Sephardic Music Festival will take place in NYC & L.A. between November 27th and December 5th 2013! (to get involved, email For now, click here to check out photos from this years festival!

Also, be sure to pick up the festival Compilation series Vol. 1 and 2. The CDs are a mix of traditional, dance, electro, hip hop, and folk songs from around the Sephardic world. Featured on the two discs are Grammy-nominated artist Matisyahu, Cheb i Sabbah, Moshav, Yasmin Levy, Axum and tons more!

You could pick up both volumes limited edition CD print for $12.00 off for a limited time by clicking here.

Purchase each album separately below;

SMF VOL. 2 (CD) (MP3s)

SMF VOL. 1 (CD) (MP3s)

more info at

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