Balagan Salon Tonight in L.A.

Dear lovely people of Los Angeles, tonight is the Teaser event of the L.A. Sephardic Music Festival dubbed Balagan Salon. The full festival will hit L.A. for its first time in March, but this unforgettable evening will serve as a preview. For Tickets & Info go to

Note: Balagaon Salon, which takes place on the 7th night of Chanukah, will feature art; DJ | ART | ANDALUSIAN BELLY DANCING | SCULPTURE WORLD RHYTHMS | PROJECTIONS | TRIBAL MARKING | LIVE BAND (AUTOMATIC TOYS) | + OPEN WINE BAR sponsored by Le Soreq

+ gourmet latkes sampling from 7pm to 8pm by Nina Safar (Kosher in the Kitch) a regular on Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton’s website.


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