Ramon Tasat and Fiesta Sefarad

Exciting songs in Hebrew, Ladino and Aramaic that will make you clap, dance and sing. Cantor Tasat, a vocalist and guitarist, is joined by  Ramón Gonzalez on bass, guitar and mandolin, and Steve Bloom on percussion.

Born in Buenos Aires, Cantor Dr. Ramón Tasat learned Ladino, the language of the Sephardic people, at his grandmother’s knee; his style reflects the rich history and drama of this extraordinary culture. Trained in five different countries, he received a doctorate in voice performance from the University of Texas at Austin.  His doctoral dissertation is entitled AThe Cantillations and Religious Poems of the Jews of Tangier, Morocco. Cantor Tasat has toured Europe with world-renowned Dr. Robert Shaw and has participated in international festivals on both sides of the Atlantic.