Raised in Israel in Moshav Mevo Modiin, a musical village in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the founding members of the Moshav Band, Yehuda (vocals and percussion) and Duvid (vocals and guitar), have learned and played music together since childhood. Early in the group’s career, American students traveling in Israel heard Moshav play and befriended the members of the band. Taken not only with the beauty of the group’s music, but also with the band members’ charismatic stage presence, the students went home and raised the money to bring Moshav to America for college tours in the late ’90s.By 2000, Moshav had relocated to Los Angeles. Continuously touring across the United States and the world, including festivals in Australia, Canada, and Europe, the band built a large following. After releasing and selling close to 50,000 of its self-produced albums, the band eventually caught the eye of producer Ron Aniello (Lifehouse, Guster, Barenaked Ladies). Together they released the album Misplaced in 2006 to highly favorable reviews. In 2010, Moshav teamed up again with Ron Aniello and Clif Norrell (R.E.M., Jeff Buckley, Sting) to create the group’s latest album, Dancing in a Dangerous World.

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