Hadag Nachash

Hadag Nahash is Israel’s leading Hip Hop band and has been topping the Israeli music charts since September 2000. Their recent release, “BeEzrat HaJam” (With the Help of the Jam) has produced three # 1 hits and has achieved Platinum status in Israel. The band plays a unique style of music that blends Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Electro and Rock with a touch of Middle Eastern flavor. This great musical fusion has garnered Hadag Nahash a large fan-base in Israel and abroad. The band has been touring extensively around the world.

Hadag Nahash was formed in Jerusalem in 1996. After touring Israel for more then four years and generating a large following, they released their first album, “Hamechona Shel HaGroove” (the Groove Machine) in September 2000. The album was very successful and proved that excellent music can go along with important ideas. In 2003 the band released their second album, “Lazuz” (To Move), produced by internationally acclaimed musician Yossi Fine. The album had four # 1 hits and achieved gold status.