Electro Morocco

Electro Morocco, a New York-based band of Israeli expatriates, including Assaf Spector and Roy Gurel, together with Yula Beeri, Ilil Paz-el and Brian Wolf mix everything from retro-rock and Middle Eastern folk, to warped electro, in a fierce, high energy performance. Their music draws from different parts of the world, but share an aesthetic, both technical and emotional, with artists such as M.I.A. Both include Eastern belly-shaking samples—Indian in M.I.A.’s work, and Middle Eastern in Electro Morocco’s. But Electro Morocco seamlessly have established their own fresh sound, layered with organic guitars and synthetic beats, that is clearly their own. The off-beat rhythm, the interplay of tweaked, Oriental-sounding guitars, and the frenzied climaxes call to mind bellydancing music and hard rock. Their performances combine live music with synced video clips that creates an unforgettable visual and musical experience. “Ever since electronic music took over, poor old guitars have been short of work. Electro Morocco is dusting off those axes and yanking them out of the unemployment line and giving them enough amplitude to compete with their buzzing synths. … So it looks like you’ll just have to peep these kids on a dance floor near you.” -URB Magazine

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