DeLeon plays 15th Century Spanish indie rock infused with the deeply mysterious and entrancing cadences of the ancient Sephardic  tradition.

DeLeon’s intricate sound has been a long time in the making.  Their music, birthed in Spain before the Inquisition and raised in pre-WWII Italy, has finally reached maturity in modern-day Brooklyn. The band, named for 12th Century Kabalistic philosopher Moses Deleon  and front man Daniel Saks’ great-grandfather Giorgio Deleon, was conceived to reconcile Saks’ cultural journey with modern influences. By re-imagining these ancient melodies as contemporary pieces, DeLeon has given the world at large a unique chance to experience the rich musical history of Sephardic Judaism. 

DeLeon’s groundbreaking sound is as rare as the process that created it.  Saks, along with band mates Kevin Snider, Justin Riddle, Amy Crawford and Andrew Oom, pioneered this form, one that marries ancient Sephardic melodies sung in Ladino, Hebrew and English with the chaotic symphony of urban living.